3 Great Reasons to Offer Online Booking


3 Great Reasons to Offer Online Booking

Online booking can be part of an amazing onboarding sequence for your new clients & excellent customer service for your current clients. You can learn more about creating a great onboarding sequence in my post Why Client Onboarding Builds Your Business 

What is online booking?

Online booking is a service where a client can book an appointment with you, usually on your website. With a few clicks they can select the best time for their appointment. The appointment is then added to your and their calendar automatically. There is less chance of error as the service adds the appointment to everyone’s calendar.

3 Great Reasons to set-up online booking for your new clients

Do you need your clients to fill out forms? You can send them in advance and allow the client to fill them out at home and save time in the office.
Your clients know what to expect. You can create an automated welcome sequence hi-lighting everything your new client needs to know in order to have a fantastic experience.
It allows them to easily pick an appointment that suits their schedule.

3 Great Reasons to set-up online booking for your business

No more forgotten and missed appointments. You can set up automatic and friendly reminders to be sent and if a client needs to cancel they can do that easily.
You can accept payment at the time of booking. This frees you up to focus on the service you provide not bookkeeping.
Free up your valuable time – When someone books an appointment it appears in your calendar and you know that they have all the information they need for a great experience.

What are the steps to setting up online booking ?

Select a service and set up your account.
There will be a monthly fee for the service. [under $18 CAD /mth]
Integrate your work calendar with the service.
Create your ‘event’
This is the type of appointment you want to offer. You can offer more than one type. For instance you can offer a 1 hour or a 90 min appointment option. You can also offer online appointments via Zoom or a similar service.
Add your booking Calendar to your website.
Add the booking service app to your phone so you can change your availability easily or book appointments yourself.
What is a great tool for online booking?
I like Calendly [no affiliate relationship] because it has an excellent professional plan that offers everything you need to create a personalized and effective booking and follow-up system.
Offering online booking is just one element of a great onboarding experience. Learn how good onboarding can build your business.

Do you want to:

  • Build your authority?
  • Increase trust with potential clients?
  • Attract new clients?
  • Retain clients and build referrals?
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