Are you creating Opportunity?


What can the Mars rover, Opportunity, teach you about creating content?

I was listening to the CBC Radio One’s The Current about a mars rover called Opportunity. Opportunity was launched in 2003 and was created to last for 90 days. Unexpectedly,  she lasted 15 years! A new documentary places the spotlight on Opportunity called Good Night Oppy.

Creating content can reap unknown rewards

What if you have an idea to create a piece of content? Just the spark of inspiration? At first you think YES! That is a great idea and then the ‘ya, buts’ come into play. Ya, but who will listen to it, read it, buy it… What if, though, you followed the creative spark and made the audio recording, ebook, blog post or vlog post? What if you created this thing and it reaped benefits for 15 years? The engineers working on the Opportunity launch were hoping for a successful 90 days. They aimed for 90 days of scientific data from this rover and they got 15 years.

Save your content ideas when they happen

If you have a smart phone, you have a note taking app in your pocket. Keep a list of ideas. Every time a client asks a question, make a note of it. When you hear a news story that relates to your work, make a note of it. Then create your ” 90 day thing” and then keep on doing that. You don’t know where it will go. Create content that answers the questions of your ideal buyer.


Creating content builds your brand, builds SEO and like Opportunity’s solar panels, powers your businesses movement forward.

Do you want to:

  • Build your authority?
  • Increase trust with potential clients?
  • Attract new clients?
  • Retain clients and build referrals?
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