Why Client Onboarding Builds Your Business


Client Onboarding: Is the process that new clients go through when buying a service from you. It encompasses the whole journey from initial sign-up to appointment and follow-up. Client onboarding aims to deliver value to your customer as early as possible and continuously through their interaction with your business.

What does great Client Onboarding achieve?

  • It helps you stand out in your industry
  • It builds trust and loyalty with your client
  • It helps your client get the results they’re looking for
  • It builds the credibility of your brand
  • It improves client retention. keeping your clients happy and coming back means you spend less time and money getting new clients.
  • It can get you more clients. Happy customers become your top referral sources.

When does Client Onboarding begin?

The moment they make an appointment. An important point to remember though is a client’s journey can begin when they receive your business card, explore your website, find you on Google or check you out online. Although they may not have made the decision to work with you, you are making an impression through your website, print & social media. In this article we are talking about the experience your client has when they make an appointment with you.

What are the Keys to Excellent Client Onboarding?

Ease of booking with you: Can a client book on your website? When they do make an appointment how easy is it for them? A frustrating booking experience can lead to abandoned bookings. Find out 3 great reasons why your client should be able to book online

Welcome them: If this is their first appointment? Then send them an email introducing yourself, have an introduction video showing them your office & invite them to your social channels.  You can do this through an automated email sequence or a page on your website that you send them to. 

Setting expectations: Clarify what the first appointment will be like. Prepare them with instructions for a successful first visit, hoe to get to your office, your contact information etc.

Clearly defining the steps: They know what to expect but what about afterwards? Should they take it easy after their appointment, drink more water? What instructions will help guarantee that they feel great afterwards? Do they know how to rebook, are they aware of your bundle packages?

Calling attention to important elements: If following in between appointment guidelines is important you can highlight that in the process. You can also suggest other activities that will make the most of the benefits of your service. If you work with a cooperative provider such as a nutritionist you can highlight clients often get great results by adding that to their self-care. 

How does a Defined Client Onboarding Plan Benefit you the Business Owner?

  • Every client has the same information. You never have to worry if they know your address, know what forms of payment you take, what to do if they have to cancel and so on. You can also send intake forms ahead of time to save time filling them out at the appointment.
  • Your clients know what to expect and have all the key information. What if every client saw your intro video showing them your office, had the driving directions at the ready and to bring water to drink after the appointment. 
  • Saves you time billing and receiving payment. Setting-up automatic invoice and payment saves you time fiddling with payment processing at the end of the appointment.
  • You save time sending and/or repeating the same information over and over again. Let’s say you see a lot of clients for back pain and you always recommend a series of at-home stretches. Instead of repeating and showing the series to every back client you can send them a video of you demonstrating the stretches and a printable sheet for every stretch. You can also send them a printable daily chart so they can keep track of their progress. 
  • It leaves you time to build your client relationship. Take the time you spent repeating the same information over and over again and use that time to get to know your client better.
  • You are more relaxed. Instead of precessing payments while you check your watch knowing the next client is coming in 15 min they already paid when they booked and were sent a receipt. 
What are Some of the Key Tools to use for Client Onboarding
  • Email marketing platform like MailChimp or MailerLite.
  • Online booking Calendar like Calendly. Calendly can integrate with your calendar and payment system.
  • Your website: a client portal to relevant information like an introduction video or key downloadable documents.
  • Printed materials. A take away card that has a QR code to leave a service review and it also has your contact information and 

Client onboarding grows with your business. Client onboarding is not a one-and-done system. As your business needs change and grow your system is updated. Over time as you refine and learn from your clients you can modify your onboarding system. It grows with your business.

What are some things you do to make your client’s experience great?

Do you want to:

  • Build your authority?
  • Increase trust with potential clients?
  • Attract new clients?
  • Retain clients and build referrals?
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